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Our childrens’ wins are our wins.

Make your mark on history and help us author a brighter future for all.

Who We Are

Welcome! We are a non-profit organization striving to pave a way for educational equity by raising funds and addressing students’ needs, one school at a time. Join our mission in bringing positive change across our district.

Investing in today’s generation helps our schools, businesses, and families flourish.

Our Key Initiatives

We have a simple vision: elevate the education and whole lives of our students. Our initiatives provide a roadmap to real progress, but your contributions make it all possible.

Teacher and Classroom Grants

Educators are our ultimate changemakers, and we want to partner with them as they invest in our children’s growth.

Once a year we fund a one-time grant ranging from $250 to $1,000. To be eligible, Orange Unified teachers must empower their students with equitable opportunities, whether to close learning gaps or purchase essential school supplies.

Visual and Performing Arts Programs

When schools trim their budgets, visual and performing arts are usually the first to go.

Our students deserve to explore their creativity without limits. Your funds can help expand the Visual and Performing Arts programs and equip children with a quality arts education.

Wellness Resources

More than ever, social and mental health are key to student success.

We aim to provide vital wellness resources in every OUSD school to allow students a safe place to process and express their emotions.

Sports Programs

OUPSF is dedicated to nurturing athletic growth as another way to equip students for success.

Join us in supporting these students, helping them become not only exceptional athletes but also well-rounded individuals.

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