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2023 OUPSF Stadium Nissan
Car Raffle Participating Organization Interest Form and  Rules Acknowledgement 

As an authorized representative (“Representative”) of the Participating Group identified below, I hereby acknowledge reading the Orange Unified Public Schools Foundation (“OUSPF”) Car Raffle Official Rules (the “Official Rules”). I also understand that the Official Rules are posted on the OUPSF website. My Participating Group agrees to adhere to the Official Rules including, without limitation, the OUPSF Raffle Partnership Details attached to the main body of the Official Rules. I understand if there is any conflict between a provision of the OUPSF Raffle Partnership Details and any provision of the main body of the Official Rules (excluding its Exhibits), the provision in the main body of the Official Rules (excluding its Exhibits) shall control. 

My Participating Group understands that we are entitled to a donation from OUPSF based on a sliding scale of Tickets sold, although, according to California law, the actual payment to us of such per ticket donation may have to be made to a related organization for later distribution to my Participating Group. All such donations will be made after the Raffle is held. 

My Participating Group understands and agrees that all Raffle Tickets assigned to us today or at any time during the Raffle Period MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR on or before 1:00 p.m. one week (7 days) prior to the raffle drawing date. On or before such date and time, my Participating Group must return to OUPSF each unsold Ticket and the Ticket stub, properly completed, for each Ticket that was sold. I understand that if a sold ticket was not registered on our website and paid in full, the ticket is considered VOID and will not be part of the drawing. I understand that the official number of tickets sold for a Participating Group is based on the selection the Entrant provided in the online registration forn. OUPSF itself may continue to sell Tickets until 30 minutes prior to the actual Grand Prize Drawing. OUPSF will provide my Participating Group with further instructions on the manner in which the Tickets, Ticket stubs, and purchase price are to be returned to CEF. 

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