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OUPSF was originally known as Orange Education Fund (OEF) in 1995, its founding year. Members raised $50,000 to $75,000 annually to fund a wide range of supplies and materials for children, such as playground benches and library bookcases.

Throughout the years, the organization became less active while the need for funds remained. OEF was later renamed OUPSF after the steering committee revived the concept and relaunched the foundation to serve students, educators, and schools in the present.

Teacher and Classroom Grants

Building off of our rich history of funding grants, we recognize that educators are our ultimate changemakers, and we want to partner with them as they invest in our children’s growth.

In a significant milestone achieved during our inaugural year, we are delighted to announce the successful distribution of our first round of grants for 2023!

A total of $44,050 has been awarded across 27 schools, benefiting 57 teachers and staff members. In the near future, these grants will positively impact over 18,000 students, while also benefiting countless others in the long run.

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Strings For Students Grants

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

El Modena High School

We are proud to announce our contribution to El Modena High School’s music program. A substantial grant of $10,693 has been provided to Mr. Derrick Nuño, facilitating the acquisition of 26 new stringed instruments!

Cerro Villa Middle School

OUPSF contributed $3,565 to Cerro Villa Middle School, enabling them to acquire 6 new violins for their music program. These instruments replace decades-old ones, ensuring our students enjoy enhanced musical experiences for years to come.

Congratulations to our 2023 grant recipients!

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